"If the life and death of Socrates are those of a philosopher, the life and death of Jesus Christ are those of a God."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosopher

"I am an historian, I am not a believer, but I must confess as a historian that this penniless preacher from Nazareth is irrevocably the very center of history. Jesus Christ is easily the most dominant figure in all history."
H. G. Wells, world historian

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1) Is there a Creator God?
New scientific discoveries reveal the intricate design of the universe and mankind.
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2) Who is the Real Jesus?
Discover the truth about the most controversial person in all of history.
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3) Why Did Jesus Have to Die?
Consider the most creative legal transaction that has ever occurred: the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.
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4) Do You Believe?
God exists and has made it possible for us to know Him personally.
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5) Begin the Relationship
Four principles explain how we can begin a personal relationship with God.
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6) Develop the Relationship
Practical insights about what to do now that you have started your new relationship with God.
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7) Threefold Commitment
Jesus wants a commitment of our intellect, emotions, and will.
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8) Threefold Confirmation
There are three ways God confirms that Jesus Christ is in our lives.
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9) Salvation by Faith
Christians place their faith in Christ and the promises of His Word.
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10) Three-Ball Illustration
You can be confident you will spend eternity in heaven with Jesus.
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11) The Greatest Relationship Ever
Knowing Jesus personally as your Savior is the basis for experiencing GodŐs love and forgiveness.
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12) Light Bulb Illustration
The Bible describes Natural, Spiritual and Carnal people.
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13) Receive GodŐs Forgiveness
By faith you can confess your sins, repent, and accept GodŐs forgiveness.
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14) A Spiritual Formula
A simple, four-step process will help you experience GodŐs forgiveness.
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15) Who is the Holy Spirit?
Discover what the third person of the Trinity is really like.
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16) What Does it Mean to be Filled?
Three steps prepare you to be empowered by the Spirit.
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17) Three Kinds of People
The Bible describes Natural, Spiritual and Carnal people.
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18) How to be Filled with the Spirit
By faith you can draw upon God's supernatural resources to live a holy and fruitful life.
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19) Be Sure You Are Filled
Four key principles help believers experience an intimate, fruitful, daily walk with Jesus.
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20) Be Prepared for Spiritual Conflict
Three forces Ń the world, the flesh, and the devil Ń constantly wage war against the believer.
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21) Know Your Resources as a Child of God
Believers need to draw upon the inexhaustible resources of GodŐs love, wisdom, power, and grace.
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22) Faith Blocks Illustration
To walk in the Spirit, believers must have faith in GodŐs Word, trusting in GodŐs integrity.
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What Do You Believe?

  • Science proves there is no God.
  • Jesus was merely a myth -not a real person.
  • Jesus was only a religious teacher and/or prophet.
  • Jesus did not rise from the dead.
  • Jesus is not relevant to my life today.
  • Jesus died for my sins and promises me eternal life.

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questions & answers

Q: How do we know Jesus really existed?

A: By examining the evidence. No reputable scholar really doubts Jesus' existence. Even his enemies never attempted to dismiss him as a myth. Jesus was a real person whose life and historical impact is irrefutable. In fact, according to leading historians, no one has had a greater impact on our world than Jesus. (read article)